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Spring Shoots

Beyond The Clouds

  I’ve been supporting some people through very challenging times recently. At the same time, I have also been experiencing some very real challenges; more emotional and psychological than anything else. Sometimes, no matter the process or the theory, the challenges just keep mounting. The clouds just keep descending and so I, or we, have […]


Awakening Each Day

I was getting a coffee this morning, which I don’t do every day (though I have been know to!) and noticed something which I’ve never really seen in this way before. It’s become a tradition – a way of life for us here in the UK – to have our morning coffee. On the surface, […]


Who do you want to be influenced by?

Here’s a little story. I was sat in the pub many years ago sharing the trials and tribulations of life, and especially thatof my relationship. My friend, well call him Oli, says “why don’t you do this…? You should do that… Oh you’ll be alright… don’t worry mate. You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself… […]


My life position as a victim

From almost as young as I can recall I’ve been a victim. I remember rushing out of the house, aged about 4 or 5, blunt butter knife pressed into my belly and threatening to kill myself in response to being ignored. My parents laughed, knowing not only that I couldn’t, but also that I wouldn’t. […]


What do you think?

The content of our thoughts is as different as night and day. We have different thoughts, fears and dreams. But the structure, or the way of organising our thinking, is the same. One of the presuppositions of NLP is that ‘we have within us all the resources we need’.  What this eludes to is that we […]

Google Hangouts

Come Hangout with me :)

I’ll be launching free monthly half day ‘Google Hangouts’ later this month. If you’d like to know more about NLP; resolve some personal or business challenges; or remove the barrier to you going to the next level then you’re very welcome to drop in and Hangout for some world class coaching! Look out for your […]


What’s inspiring me?

Last month I shared how I was inspired by writing a gratitude journal. Since I’ve been doing this, I’ve noticed how my mood and outlook on life has shifted. More recently, a client of mine (thank you Louise!) shared how she is writing about what she’s grateful for, that has yet to be manifested. The […]