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The problem of good

Barely a week goes by without opening my BBC News app and reading of another mass killing or terrorist attack. I suspect many others are the same in their despondency and sense of hopelessness with the darkness we are confronted with. Berlin, Nice, Syria… where will it end?  Or perhaps it won’t? I know I’m not alone […]


Untying the Knot

One thing I know for sure is that life is complex.  We are complex.  Of course the paradox is that amidst the complexity and confusion there is simplicity in life.  But just because it’s simple, doesn’t make it easy. I sometimes liken it to untying a big knot.  At first it can seem overwhelming, hard work […]


A Way Out At Last

When I was a kid, like many people I had dreams of a life well lived – a life of possibility, freedom and unlimited joy.  However, as I grew up I discovered that life was often harsh, people couldn’t be trusted and feelings of joy were often fleeting. As children we tend not to be […]


Beginning My NLP Journey

I remember the first time ‘I got it’.  I was sitting with a new friend called Dom, on my NLP Business Practitioner course. It might have been the second day, I can’t remember exactly.  However I do remember that in the space of about five minutes, doing nothing other than asking him some simple questions, his […]


Holy Shit!

In the book Necessary Endings, Henry Cloud shares a very simple and effective way to create success in any area of your life. He says that there are three things we need to do in order to grow, flourish and be successful. Our lives and businesses are just like the rose bush. We may have […]

Spring Shoots

Beyond The Clouds

  I’ve been supporting some people through very challenging times recently. At the same time, I have also been experiencing some very real challenges; more emotional and psychological than anything else. Sometimes, no matter the process or the theory, the challenges just keep mounting. The clouds just keep descending and so I, or we, have […]