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What do you think?

The content of our thoughts is as different as night and day. We have different thoughts, fears and dreams. But the structure, or the way of organising our thinking, is the same. One of the presuppositions of NLP is that ‘we have within us all the resources we need’.  What this eludes to is that we […]

Google Hangouts

Come Hangout with me :)

I’ll be launching free monthly half day ‘Google Hangouts’ later this month. If you’d like to know more about NLP; resolve some personal or business challenges; or remove the barrier to you going to the next level then you’re very welcome to drop in and Hangout for some world class coaching! Look out for your […]


What’s Inspiring Me?

Last month I shared how I was inspired by writing a gratitude journal. Since I’ve been doing this, I’ve noticed how my mood and outlook on life has shifted. More recently, a client of mine (thank you Louise!) shared how she is writing about what she’s grateful for, that has yet to be manifested. The […]

Living the best day ever

What Am I Reading?

When I’m in Goa I tend to slow down and read more, especially inspiring autobiographies. The one I’m enjoying at the moment is ‘Living The Best Day Ever’ by Hendri Coetzee. A remarkable personal story of a modern day explorer and the first person to navigate the entire length of the Nile. He died, eventually […]

Stop living a life you dont love

New Year’s Message 2016

My father passed away with my hand placed gently on his chest as he drew his last breath.  His death affected me much more than I had expected. He told me that he loved me for the first time in my life, just two days before he passed away. I fell out with one of […]

Foundation event4

Where did the resistance to writing come from?

While considering this question, I caught myself sharing with someone (my Attraction Manager as it happens!) how I didn’t want to market my courses like other people through writing; how I didn’t want to promote myself through my writing; or write just for the sake of it, without some sort of deep sense of purpose.  And […]


How many years do you have left?

It’s a BIG question! How old will you be in 20 years time? Quite probably, you’re in the prime of your life and in 20 years, some of the best years of your life will be behind you! And if you’re anything like me, the years are flying by… each one passing by quicker and […]

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Where Your Value Comes From

Most people think that resting in peace is something that is inscribed on their tombstone. In fact, life offers us something very different. Performance is intimately connected to identity. So if you don’t know who you are or whose you are, you will more often than not perform in order to obtain identity (value). You […]