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NLP is my passion, my calling, my life’s purpose – because it has been so deeply liberating and transformative for me personally.  I now enjoy giving that same support and freedom to others.

I remember the first time ‘I got it’. I was sitting with my new friend Dom, on my NLP Business Practitioner course.  It might have been the second day, I can’t remember exactly.  But I do remember that in the space of about five minutes – doing nothing other than asking some questions we were instructed to use – watching  his whole state and physiology change.  He was beaming a smile at me. He was so grateful to me for helping him figure something out that had been plaguing him, and I was so grateful for being able to help. Wow, there was clearly something in this NLP stuff!

Today I see NLP as a never ending treasure trove; it’s exciting, it’s unique, it’s awe inspiring – as we all are – as human beings.  It is only when we get out of our own way, that we realise just how amazing we are.  And that is the NLP journey – discovering the essence of excellence in ourselves and others.

I now run the only NLP Training in the world to offer regular 1on1 coaching, weekly video calls and NLP Retreats run by a Master Trainer of NLP.

I work in a way that is experiential and real-time; using NLP to do the transformational work that frees us up and releases us to be ourselves – to do what we love and to make a difference in the world.  When we do that, life becomes easier and so much more enjoyable!

I believe that NLP is changing the world for the better and I warmly welcome the chance to work with you, through my Retreats, NLP Training and Global Coaching Community.  Feel free to contact me by using the Chat feature below, email, WhatsApp or whatever you’re most comfortable with.  I would love to hear from you and be a part of your NLP journey, wherever you are on that road.

Very sincerely, Tristan